Photos of Penguins in the wild

Welcome to Penguin Images

Here you will find photographs of Penguins mainly taken on the Falkland Islands (and also a few images taken in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Galapagos Islands).

Penguins are an aquatic family of flightless bird found in the southern hemisphere. Their wings have become flippers and they have dark backs & white fronts for camouflage in the sea. They spend about half of the their lives in the ocean and half on land.

King Penguins

There are around 20 species of penguin, the largest being the emperor penguin, standing 1.1m tall, and the smallest being the little blue penguin which stands just 40cm tall. Generally, larger species are found in colder regions further south. Some smaller species live in tropical regions; for example, the Galapagos Penguin is found close to the equator.

Rockhopper Penguins

Penguins tend to breed in large colonies. In the breeding season, they form a monogamous pair, working together to raise one or two chicks and taking it in turns to incubate them while the other feeds at sea.

Here you can King Penguin photos, Rockhopper Penguin photos, Gentoo Penguin photos and also a gallery of Other Penguin species from around the world.

The Penguin photos on this website were taken by Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas, find out more here: Behind the Photos.